10th Street Media | Projects


Torty is a easy-to-install PHP framework in development that will be the basis for the projects listed below.

Federama is a blogging platform that uses the power of the Fediverse to power comments and share posts. It is intended to be similar to WordPress.

Pulse is a federated microblogging platform that allows users to follow each other, boost, like, dislike, and comment on their posts. It is intended to be similar to Mastodon and Twitter.

Hobgoblin is a media library platform that allows users to collect their photos, music, podcast, and video files all in one place. It's name is an homage to the Mediagoblin project, while the software itself is inspired by Songbird.

Amore is the project that started this development rabbit-hole in 2018. It is a dating platform for the Fediverse. It is intended to be similar to OkCupid, Tinder, and other dating websites and apps.

Voynich is a l10n/i18n platform where users can help translate software into other languages. Yes, we're aware of the irony in naming a translation plaform after a famously un-translated manuscript. It is intended to be similar to Weblate.

Zirkus is a forum platform geared towards the Fediverse. It is intended to be similar to phpBB, bbPress, and other forum software.

Sunbeam is wiki software intended for documentation projects and knowledgebases. It is intended to be similar to MediaWiki and other wiki software.

Cauldron is software for tracking trouble tickets and software bugs. It is intended to be similar to Bugzilla and other bug tracking software.

Lexadex is a platform for creating dictionaries and glossaries. It is intended to be similar to Dictionary.com, Urban Dictionary, Wiktionary, and other similar projects.

Holdpass is a password locker platform where users can store their passwords and passphrases in a central location.

Tempo is a software plaform for artists to display their art and arrange shows. It is intended for musicians, but can be used by artists in a variety fo fields.

Notas is a software platform for creating reviews. Book reviews, music reviews, restaurant reviews, and so on.

Tunguska is an imageboard software platform similar to Wakaba, Futaba, and other software.

Bao is an email client. Bao (包) is the Chinese character for envelope or packet.