10th Street Media | Principles


Operating Agreement

The Prinicples page of the 10th Street Media website will details the ethos that drives the company in its work. It will include the company's Operating Agreement, and will also include principles related to coding and website accessibility, and may also include a Code of Conduct that contributors are expected to adhere to.

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In all web apps from 10th Street Media:

  • HTML 5 will be used
  • The meta charset will be set to utf-8
  • A meta viewport will be used to ensure mobile compatibility
  • Tags and attributes lowercase only
  • Indentations in code will be four spaces.
  • Opening and closing tags are required for <html>, <head>, <title>, and <body>
  • Comments should be added after long sections of code to indicate what section has ended
    <!-- end div .some-div-class -->
  • Comments should be used before interactive elements (forms, tables, etc.) to explain their purpose
  • HTML should include WAI-ARIA for accessibility
  • HTML should be tested with an code validator


In all stylesheets from 10th Street Media:

  • CSS 3 will be used
  • The stylesheet should have a comment block at the top that includes the author name, author url, stylesheet creation date, copyrightJavaScript ES 6 will be used information, and licensing information. Additional information may be included by the author.
  • Indentations in code will be four spaces
  • All selectors will be lowercase
  • HTML elements will be defined ahead of selectors
  • CSS should be tested with a code validator


In projects from 10th Street Media:

  • JavaScript ES 6 will be used
  • JavaScript should only be used where needed
  • JavaScript should never be required to view content
  • Indentations in code will be four spaces


In all projects from 10th Street Media:

  • PHP 7.4 or higher will be used
  • PHP should use the PSR-1 and PSR-12 recommendations
  • Indentations in code will be four spaces
  • Each PHP file will include a comment block at the top that includes the author name, author url, file creation date, and a sentence explaining the purpose of the file.
  • Each PHP file should be documented in the project's documentation folder
  • Each PHP file should be documented on the 10th Street Media knowledgebase

Third-party libraries

In projects from 10th Street Media:

  • Code for third party libraries can be included to facilitate quicker loading times
  • Third party libraries must not be linked to external websites (i.e. Google Fonts, Bootstrap, etc.) or must include a fallback option if the external websites are unavailable.

Website accessibility

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